La Bastide de Caro,

serene, green at heart, spacious, revitalizing.

Luxuriant tropical green bower, pathed with fountains, around an elegant white building, alliance of cultural and architectural heritage of the 50s and serene modernism, la Bastide de Caro lays, within an abundance of light, with serenity and astonishing calm, in the vibrant heart of Siem Reap.


You will be nested in spacious, quiet, fully equipped rooms with either a large balcony or a shady patio – fulfilling to the extend the legendary role of a bastide.


By the salty water pool, overlooked by the Sun, whether you would prefer canopy beds or comfy deckchairs, the water rattling will magnify your quietude.


At La table du Sud, your taste buds will be ignited by unique flavors born or imagined from Khmer and French heritages and culinary arts in a relaxing open space overhanging the pool.


Calm at heart.

That will be your state of mind during your stay at La Bastide de Caro.

Your stay in Cambodia, in Siem Reap, very well accommodated at
La Bastide de Caro, must be of an exceptional tranquility.

You will find Cambodian charms at La Bastide de Caro,
and much more to revitalize yourself.

Caroline, the mistress of the Bastide, and her smiling, charming,
discreet and efficient staff are honored to assist you with all your requests.

Your stay at La Bastide de Caro will be of an unforgettable quietude.