La Table du Sud,

peacefully gourmet.

La Table du Sud is the restaurant at La Bastide de Caro.

Faithful to the serenity of La Bastide, thanks to its natural and wooded atmosphere, this place exudes tranquility.
Your table awaits you in this convivial and calm part of La Bastide.

You will feel refreshed, in this generously open space, slightly scented by gourmet air movements. Whilst listening to the discreet clatter of water from the swimming pool located slightly below, your favorite drink and meal are just being prepared.

Under its rustic straw roof, you will able be to take all your meals comfortably installed in quality furniture.

From breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, without forgetting the snacks for an even more gourmet day, prepare your taste buds to be amazed!

The Chef cooks delicacies from a long Khmer culinary heritage while offering you a constantly renewed selection of dishes, ancestral or more innovative, inspired by French culinary arts.

La Table du Sud - Siem Reap
La Table du Sud - Siem Reap
La Table du Sud - Siem Reap
La Table du Sud - Siem Reap
La Table du Sud - Siem Reap
La Table du Sud - Siem Reap
La Table du Sud - Siem Reap
La Table du Sud - Siem Reap
La Table du Sud - Siem Reap


La Bastide de Caro - The Breakfast
Prepared with fresh local ingredients, your A La Carte breakfast will be fully served at La Table du Sud. Your Western preference or your Khmer morning treat will be brought to you with a selection of tropical fresh fruits, fresh fruit juice, dairy, hot drinks, homemade jams, in-house daily baked breads and pastries


La Bastide de Caro - The Bar
Whether you wish to be served in your room, in the garden, by the pool, or simply at the counter or in the woody cosy salon, our barman knows how to compose, stirred or shaken, creative or classical cocktails or simply pour fine wines and liquors at the ideal temperature.


La Bastide de Caro - The Garden
A “bastide” is a set of elements of comfort, a nest of tranquility and serenity. Next to the swimming pool lays a tropical cocoon. Tables and chairs, in ironwork, intimate and convivial, are dotted in a profusion of plant forms and typical intense variations of greens – Calm retreat.


La Bastide de Caro - The Pool
Water clapping… Is there any more relaxing sound?
Next to La Table du Sud, lays the salty water pool. Surrounded by comfy deckchairs, shaded by trees or parasol umbrellas, you can also rejuvenate yourself on the one of canopy beds.
In a very heart of Siem Reap, a quiet refreshing oasis.